Awdil Shakar is Kurdish fretless bass virtuoso who created the “Avantgarde Microtonal Fretless Bass Art” style.
He was born and grew up in Diyarbakir city, which has a history of nine thousand years and have multicultural structure.
He has formed his own style by starting in Kurdish music and after that affected by Armenian, Persian, Arabic and classical Ottoman music.
Also, he has been the first fretless bass guitarist that he has blended the microtonal eastern music system with the harmony of jazz and classical music.
The 9 string ERFAS-Bass (extended-range fretless acoustic sub-bass) model, which provides to feel the mystical structure of eastern music was designed by Awdil Shakar for the first time in the world.
Currently, he carrying out various joint music projects with jazz and traditional folk musicians from different geographies and cultures.